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Antonia Young 95 Singapore, Stella R. Quah and Jon S. T. Quah 96 Guyana, Frances Chambers 97 Chile, Harold Blakemore 98 El Salvador, Ralph Lee Woodward, Jr. 99 The Arctic, H. G. R. King 100 Nigeria, Robert A. Myers 101 Ecuador, David Corkhill 102 Uruguay, Henry Finch with the assistance of Alicia Casas de Barrán 103 Japan, Frank Joseph Shulman 104 Belgium, R. C. Riley 105 Maca, Richard Louis Edmonds 106 Philippines, Jim Richardson 107 Bulgaria, Richard J. Crampton 108 The Bahamas, Paul G. Boultbee 109 Peru, John Robert Fisher 110 Venezuela, D.

The crucial figure for an understanding of this transition is Sir Walter Scott. On one level, he was the heir to Enlightenment values: his novels, which had an immense influence across the globe, embody many Enlightenment ideas on the nature and direction of historical change. But Scott did not share the Enlightenment belief in continuous progress. Politically, he was opposed to nearly all kinds of reform. Sentimentally, he was attracted towards Jacobitism but on pragmatic grounds he felt that the union with England must be preserved at almost any cost.

Hywel E. Roberts 123 Cape Verde, Caroline S. Shaw 124 Ghana, Robert A. Myers 125 Greenland, Kenneth E. Miller 126 Costa Rica, Charles L. Stansifer 127 Siberia, David N. Collins 128 Tibet, John Pinfold 129 Northern Ireland, Michael Owen Shannon 130 Argentina, Alan Biggins 131 Côte d'Ivoire, Morna Daniels 132 Burma, Patricia M. Herbert 133 Laos, Helen Cordell 134 Montserrat, Riva Berleant-Schiller 135 Afghanistan, Schuyler Jones 136 Equatorial Guinea, Randall Fegley 137 Turks and Caicos Islands, Paul G.

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