New PDF release: Light on Pranayama: Pranayama Dipika

By B. K. S. Iyengar

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During this vintage yoga best-seller a world-renowned yoga grasp stocks the options of respiring including a accomplished heritage of yoga philosophy. B. okay. S. Iyengar is a legend who has practiced yoga in a different manner, and at the present time "Iyengar Yoga" is taught world wide through qualified instructors.

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Widening below. The top is cl osed off by t he muscles ohhe neck attached to the clavicles. The wind-pipe (trachea) passes through it on irs way from th e throat t o the lungs. Th1s truncated cone is slighdy flat from from to back. Its b ony surfaces include the thoracic part of the vertebral c ol u mn in the midline at the back and the b reast p late in the front. It has twelve pairs of flat te ne d ribs which curve across the gap berween the spine at the back and front ro fo rm semicircular bridges on each side.

I n the Chandogyopan­ isad it i s said : 'Even as the spokes are fastened to the hub, so on this life b reath, all is fastened. Life moves with the l i fe breath, which gives life to a living creature. Life breath is one's father, . . one's mother, . . one's brother, . one's s i ster, and one's teacher, . . the:: Brahman . . Verily, he who sees t hi s knows and u nderstands this becomes the excel lent speaker . ' (S. ) 12. The Kau�itak i Upani�ad says 'One can liv e deprived of speech, for we see r he dumb; one d e p r ive d of sigh t, for we see t he blind; of hearing, for we see the deaf; and of mind, for we see the childish; one can live without arms and legs, for thus we se e .

The cos m i c energy latent w i th i n him is then awakened by the grace of God and the guru. pika, I I I . 2.. ) . As this rises, the sadhaka gets more and more in tune w i th the D ivine. He becomes free from attachment towards fru its of action (karma mukta) and unattached to l i fe (j rvana mukta). 23. According to Tannic texts, the object of P ranayama is to arouse the latent power (sakti) called ku�dalinr, the divine cosmic energy in our bodies, lying at the base of the spinal column in miiladhara chakra, the nervous plexus situated in the pelvis above the anus at the rom of the spine.

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