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After the waters abated, Noah built an altar to the Lord on Mount Ararat. When God smelled the pleasing aroma of Noah's sacrifice He promised to destroy the earth never again with a flood. The devil, no doubt wise to this promise, assigned a company of fallen angels to subdue women again, concentrating his efforts in that area of the earth which God would later give to Abraham and to his seed for a possession. The devil must have thought a second attempt with giants would be foolproof since the One who could not lie promised there would be no second Flood.

Peter chose the word tartaroo. T. , nor Gehenna or hell, but the place where certain angels are confined, reserved unto judgment. " I believe, on the basis of God's Word that a place called Tartarus actually exists, but that its only inhabitants are angels that went after "strange flesh" by lowering themselves into the natural state for the purpose of sinning. God judged them by sending them to Tartarus where they await the final judgment of the great day. Perhaps they are the repaim which should be translated as "shades of death; ghosts" and no doubt they are huge beings who begat sons like them.

God said, "I will destroy them with the earth" so as to purify the planet from its inhabitants. Afterwards "Noah only remained alive, and they that were with him in the ark" (Genesis 7:23). The Flood was God's answer to Satan's attempt to pollute the whole race of mankind with mixed offspring. Evidently giants raped and pillaged at will. They filled the earth with "violence" (chamac, #2555). Murder, rape, wickedness and all sorts of wrong filled the earth in the days before the Flood. Giants knew no loyalty and evidently had no marriage covenant of any kind.

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