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This is often the 1st quantity of a chain of 4 volumes masking all phases of improvement of the Calculus, from the final yr in class to measure normal. The books are written for college kids of technology and engineering in addition to for expert mathematicians, and are designed to bridge the distance among the works utilized in faculties and extra complicated reviews, with their emphasis on rigour. This quantity is worried with the fundamental rules and functions of differentiation and integration when it comes to algebraic and trigonometric services, yet except logarithmic and exponential features. Integration starts at the 'Riemann critical' foundation, and the remedy of curves combines accuracy with simplicity, with no shirking the awkward difficulties of signal. each one part has examples; on the finish of every bankruptcy there are difficulties from school-leaving and open scholarship examinations.

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X2-2x. 3. x*-3x-4:. 4. x*- 5. sin#. 6. sin2#. 7. cos a;. 8. eos 4. Increasing and decreasing functions. We should say that, from its appearance, the function f(x), whose graph is shown in the diagram (Fig. 20), is a steadily increasing function of x. We must now consider how this feature is to be interpreted in terms of the differential coefficient of/(#). If x undergoes a small positive variation 8x, then f(x), by definition, must increase, so that f(x+8x)-f(x) /w is positive. It follows that the quotient f(x+8x)-f(x) Sx is essentially positive, and so f(z+8x)-f{x) A ; CX o c+Sx x Fig> is positive.

34). CiOC d (iv) -7- (sec a;) = sec x tan a;, (tX (v) -7- (tan a;) = sec2 x. (tX (vi) -7- (cosec a;) = — cosec a; cot a;. ca7 (vii) — (cot a;) = —cosec2 a;. QJX We prove the last four of these results (II, iv-vii): (iv) Let y = sec x. y = (cos a;)"1, Then j - = ( - 1) (cos #)- 2 -7- (cos x) so that = sec x tan x. 4 37 38 EVALUATION OF DIFFERENTIAL COEFFICIENTS (v) Let y= y = sin x sec x, Then dy dx so that (vi) Let cos x. sec x + sin x. sec x tan x 1+tan 2 ^ sec2 x. y = cosec x. Then y=(sinx)-\ so that, by reasoning similar to that given for sec#, -^- = — (sin x)~2 cos x dx = — cosec x cot x.

3 10. ll(x + 2)\ 9. (2z+l) . 5 sin 5x. 7. (x + I) sin 7a?. 8. sin (3x + 5). 11. z/sinz. 3 13. sin a;. 14. cos a;. 15. sin a;. 17. a;sin2a;. 18. a:2cos2a;. 19. z 2 cos 2 2z. 21. cos (x- JTT). 22. sin2 (x + JTT). 23. Jx. 2 4. x sin 2x. 2 12. 16. cos3 20. 24. l/Jx. 27. xj(mnx). 28. x2j(sin 30. sec a:. 31. tana;. 32. cot a;. 34. tan 3#°. 35. x sin x°. 36. sin2 x°. 25. a;*sin a;. 26. 29. coseca:. 33. cos 2a;°. ty(sinx). DIFFERENTIAL COEFFICIENTS OF HIGHER ORDER 35 9. Differential coefficients of higher order.

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