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By Olle Gunnarsson

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Alkali-doped fullerides have attracted powerful curiosity considering that their creation turned attainable approximately fifteen years in the past. This booklet offers fresh paintings that can remedy exciting difficulties coming up from various outstanding homes. for instance, those solids are superconductors with excessive transition temperatures, even if the similarity among the digital and phonon power scales may still suppress superconductivity. furthermore, the Ioffe–Regel situation for electric conductivity is strongly violated. The booklet indicates why superconductivity is however attainable, due to a neighborhood pairing mechanism. The Ioffe–Regel situation is derived quantum-mechanically, and it really is defined why the underlying assumptions are violated for fullerides and high-Tc cuprates, for instance. The booklet treats digital and delivery homes, reviewing theoretical and experimental effects. It specializes in superconductivity, electric conductivity and metal–insulator transitions, emphasizing the electron–electron and electron–phonon interactions in addition to the Jahn–Teller impact.

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8 Interaction between two Ceo molecules located at (0,0,0) and ( l , 0 , l ) o / 2 . The large dots indicated the centers of the molecules, connected by a thin broken line. The small dots indicate the positions of the single bonds (perpendicular to the plane of the figure) through which the hopping mainly takes place. The corresponding 2pr orbitals are also indicated, (a) shows the case when both molecules have the same orientation and (b) the case when they have opposite orientations. molecule y-oriented, both bonds can lie above or below the connecting line.

In an intuitive but rather imprecise language, one may refer to such a screening process as a "fast" process which "has time" to screen a "slow" process. In simple cases, a rigorous justification of this approach can be given by working in energy space, 87 as indicated above. The real system, however, is usually too complicated to allow such an approach. Instead we will use a more intuitive treatment as discussed below. When discussing renormalized quantities like U or V, it is essential to keep in mind in which model they will be used.

8. The important point is that these single bonds lie either slightly above or slightly below the line connecting the two molecules. 5 % below the connecting line. The 2pr orbitals on the neighboring molecules then fail to point against each other. By making one molecule ^-oriented and the other 22 Models and parameters Fig. 8 Interaction between two Ceo molecules located at (0,0,0) and ( l , 0 , l ) o / 2 . The large dots indicated the centers of the molecules, connected by a thin broken line.

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