Adolf Anderssen der Altmeister deutscher Schachspielkunst by Hermann von Gottschall PDF

By Hermann von Gottschall

This Elibron Classics publication is a facsimile reprint of a 1912 variation via Veit & Comp., Leipzig.

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31. Kuhn (1993, p. 331). ) There is a special irony in the circumstance that it is precisely the logical positivists’ engagement with Einstein’s theory of relativity that led, as we have seen, to the affinities between their conception and Kuhn’s; for Kuhn (1970, chapter 9) appeals to Einstein’s theory, in particular, to combat the supposedly naive empiricism of “early logical positivism” (compare note 1). 32. For discussion of this problem in its historical and philosophical context see Friedman (1998).

Indeed, Carnap began his doctoral work under the guidance of the neo-Kantian philosopher Bruno Bauch at Jena, and, after taking a year-long seminar on the Critique of Pure Reason with Bauch, Carnap “was strongly impressed by Kant’s conception that the geometrical structure of space is determined by the form of our intuition” (Carnap 1963, p. 4). Of course, one cannot now maintain Kant’s original conception of the fixed synthetic a priori status of specifically Euclidean geometry; so Carnap rather defends a generalization of Kant’s conception of spatial intuition according to which only the infinitesimally Euclidean character of physical space is a priori determined by the form of our intuition.

For discussion of this problem in its historical and philosophical context see Friedman (1998). 33. Kuhn (1970, p. 3). The passage concludes: “By implication, at least, these historical studies suggest the possibility of a new image of science. ” 34.

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Adolf Anderssen der Altmeister deutscher Schachspielkunst by Hermann von Gottschall

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