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32 S 32 (n, p)P Determination of S in paper c h r o m a t o g r a m s using a cyclotron-Be s o u r c e . Excitation function from E x( ~ 1. 0 Mev) to 15 Mevj E = (6-10) Mev; σ(6-10) = 0. 30 bj th ' ' p σ(15) = 0 . 3 1 b . 2 m b . S34(n,a)Si31 E S (n, y)S P o s s i b l e i n t e r f e r e n c e from Cl (n, p)S ; from A (n, or)S with an A m a t r i x . S (n, y)S P o s s i b l e i n t e r f e r e n c e from Cl (n, p)S j from A with an A m a t r i x . 5) = 0. 138 b . (n, p)P (n, a)Si (n, γ)Ρ (n, a)S ; from Cl (n, or)P 37 34 P o s s i b l e interference from Cl (n, a)P P o s s i b l e interference from Si S34(n, Y)S35 4 X 1 0 " 3 Hg.

35) M e v t o 25 M e v ; E S 7 1 1 8 = 2 4 M e v ; 10 M e v . n)0 ; possible interference ; possible interference Ne (Y,n)C from secondary ( p , a)F ; from other (γ,η) reactions. 8 x lO"" 3 μ g / c m from ( p , Q-)F P o s s i b l e i n t e r f e r e n c e with g r o s s counting t e c h n i q u e s f r o m N C O ; from F N o a p p a r e n t i n t e r f e r e n c e f r o m p r i m a r y r e a c t i o n s a t E < 10 M e v ; p o s s i b l e i n t e r f e r e n c e f r o m reaction: O Ne (p, a)F S55 1ft (p, n)F (t,n)F K9 M45 S50 W19 O O J14 M44 P5 cr(8.

Th p S6Q S6l J8 N6 i 13 (γ,η)Ν Determination of N using a gross counting technique; only O interferes at E < 15 Mev; interference from C at E > ^ 24 Mev. Excitation function from E i 14 15 N (P, Υ)° Llll Í10. 5 Mev) to 25 Mev: E = 22. 5 Mev; 10 Mev.

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