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By Geoff Layton

Access to heritage: From Kaiser to Fuhrer: Germany 1900-1945 for Edexcel charts the advancements in Germany from 1900-1945 together with an exam of:
- the second one Reich: society and governent 1900-1919
- the democratic test 1919-29
- the increase of the Nazis
- existence in wartime Germany 1939-45

Throughout the ebook, key dates, phrases and matters are highlighted, and historic interpretations of key debates are defined. precis diagrams are integrated to consolidate wisdom and knowing of the interval, and exam-style questions and counsel written through an examiner give you the chance to enhance examination skills

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Finally, the policy closely coincided with the aspirations of the Kaiser, who convinced himself that Weltpolitik must be under his personal rule. However, in the coming years it was shown that Weltpolitik did not prove to be the complete cure for the problems of government. Navy League formed: 1898 First Naval Law passed: 1898, followed by the laws of 1900, 1906, 1912 Key question Was Weltpolitik politically successful? Summary diagram: The advent of Weltpolitik Reorganisation of imperial government, 1897: • Bülow • Tirpitz • Posadowsky Influences of Weltpolitik: • nationalism • imperialism • Social Darwinism • radical nationalism Political impact of Weltpolitik Naval Laws German navy Navy League Key dates Of greater importance to Weltpolitik was the decision to expand the German navy.

The German army In Germany the military tradition went back a long way into the nation’s past. ’ It was the power of the Prussian military machine which had enabled Bismarck to forge German unification out of the three wars, 1864–1871. Although the forces of Bavaria, Saxony and Württemberg were theoretically independent, the German army from 1871 was essentially a Prussian one. The all-important role the army had played in the unification process helped to raise out of all proportion the status of its members in the Kaiserreich society.

Therefore, the German army was to be found at the centre of the political and social life of Imperial Germany: 28 | From Kaiser to Führer: Germany 1900–45 for Edexcel Conscription The length of time of compulsory service for men in the army. Not surprisingly, the majority of army officers were conservative and unsympathetic to democracy – while liberalism and socialism were seen as dangerous ideas, which were not to be tolerated. In a way the fall of Bismarck exacerbated the situation further, as the new Chancellors lacked the authority to stand up against the military chiefs, as they had the sympathy of the Emperor.

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