A Philosophical Investigation of Rape: The Making and by Louise du Toit PDF

By Louise du Toit

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This booklet bargains a severe feminist point of view at the greatly debated subject of transitional justice and forgiveness. Louise Du Toit examines the phenomenon of rape with a feminist philosophical discourse bearing on women’s or ‘feminine’ subjectivity and selfhood. She demonstrates how the hierarchical dichotomy of male energetic as opposed to woman passive sexuality – which obscures the genuine nature of rape – is embedded within the dominant western symbolic body. via a Hegelian and phenomenological examining of first-person debts by means of rape sufferers, she excavates an knowing of rape that still starts off to open up a fashion out of the denial and destruction of lady sexual subjectivity.

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20 A Philosophical Investigation of Rape 1. Historically and traditionally, women have been excluded within the South African context from defi nitions of the political through highly patriarchal cultures and social institutions. Therefore, the qualification of ‘politically motivated’, applied uncritically, may prejudice against the inclusion of women’s suffering by for example, the presupposition that women’s lives and bodies belong to the private rather than the political realm. Can rape ever be politically motivated if rape is sexualised and thereby privatised, or, as explained earlier, if rape functions to police the borders of the masculine political?

Because the dominant order in a sense knows that homes create identity and the possibility of political and symbolic resistance through selflove and self-affi rmation, strategies to render the political enemy (women, within patriarchy) homeless and rootless, drifting and unsure of themselves have always been in place. If all people need homes, roots, anchors and a material expression and preservation of their living and changing identities, without which they would be lost in time and space in Young’s terms, then Rape, Forgiveness and Reconciliation 31 one of the surest ways to deny a people their subjectivity is to deny them a home and a sense of belonging, to make of them displaced peoples23, politically and symbolically.

Pure’ forgiveness, unconditional and without sovereignty, belongs to that which exceeds the political (the expedient, the calculated, the transparent, the reasonable) but which should nevertheless be respected by the political. This stance leaves him critical of the use of forgiveness in the South African TRC process (for example) where he sees forgiveness as being reduced to pragmatic processes of reconciliation, and where respect for pure forgiveness has thus been forgotten. The two poles he identifies, namely that of forgiveness understood in terms of nonnegotiable, uneconomic, apolitical, nonstrategic unconditionality (or pure forgiveness) and forgiveness as political processes of reconciliation and reconstitution of the health or normality of the corpus socians, are simultaneously irreducible to one another and they remain indissociable.

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