New PDF release: A Lost Touch of Innocence

By Amy Tolnitch

ISBN-10: 1933836091

ISBN-13: 9781933836096

ISBN-10: 1934755265

ISBN-13: 9781934755266

By means of touching a magic crystal, Piers Veuxfort recklessly unchained the essence of a decidedly depraved Fin guy who now is living inside of his physique. in the meantime, Giselle St. Germain’s lifestyles in a secluded nunnery is over and he or she has been thrown into the area to turn into Piers’ bride. Giselle quickly becomes frightened by way of either her betrothed’s unabashed adherence to excitement and his more and more strange character, and Piers wishes not anything yet to ship again his bride-to-be. finally the pair discovers that future is theirs to win, however it will take the entire braveness that lies inside of their inner most hearts to grab it jointly.

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Along with Lady Amice, Piers, and Saraid sat another man Giselle assumed must be the earl. There were two empty spots at the table. When they reached the dais, the man next to Lady Amice stood. He looked much like Piers, but with piercing blue eyes. “Welcome to our home, Lady Giselle,” he said, his voice cool and composed. ” Giselle dropped a curtsey. “Thank you, my lord, for your kind welcome. ” “Come now,” Gifford said, pulling her along. “You must be hungry. ” Saraid looked at him, her expression filled with affection.

The very thought of any man even seeing her naked body was terrifying enough. Her mind would not dare think of what Nona was suggesting. ” Giselle opened her eyes as Nona handed her a drying cloth. Within a few minutes, Giselle was gowned in fabric softer and more colorful than anything she had seen in her life. Nona combed her hair out to dry in front of the fire and gave a satisfied nod. ” Giselle’s stomach rumbled, and she made a face. ” She glanced at Guinevere, happily sleeping on the floor, her belly full with Giselle’s food.

Some days, she could barely remember her mother, just a vague picture of pale hair and a warm, loving smile. She knew she should not allow herself to enjoy the bath or the kneading of Nona’s fingers against her scalp, but it was impossible. Nona handed her a cake of soap and a small cloth. Giselle sniffed and smelled the scent of lavender. “Lavender is Lady Amice’s favorite scent. ” I must be dreaming, Giselle thought. A dream filled with luxury she had never envisioned. The soap was soft in her hand, the water warm and soothing, and her hair felt cleaner than it had ever been.

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