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By Graeme Morton, Trevor Griffiths

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The authors discover the political, non secular, and highbrow personality of Scottish lifestyles, within which the intense impinged at the traditional.

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Such developments in the speed and reach of mass transportation enabled new kinds of leisure activities to be followed. The Lowland and English elite fascination with hunting and fishing in the Highlands had its impact on local employment and on an evolving landscape. Durie shows how the development of the railway led to the creation of new occupations; along with concentrations of carters and vendors there were porters and other support workers in and around the railway station. Railway hotels and lodging houses were established for commercial travellers and tourists alike.

As will be discussed later, poor harvests, disease and famine would continue to haunt the Highlands in the nineteenth century. 18 This was nothing compared with what was to come when, in 1846, potato blight hit the Highlands. It was not only the impact that weather had on crops that could precipitate calamity; storms could also cause immense damage, as happened as a result of the ‘muckle spate’ (big flood). In August 1829, a mighty storm lashed Scotland, particularly the north-east, for two whole days, affecting the Nairn, the Findhorn, the Lossie and the Spey.

51 Still, identity claims are made all the time in ways that are so banal that too often their essence is missed. Their apparent irrelevance, Morton argues, is their significance, because they are a constant part of life. ’52 Some of these 18 Trevor Griffiths and Graeme Morton claims are accessible, some less so; some are fixed, some are fluid; some are projected back upon ourselves from afar. From this basis Morton suggests there is insight to be gained by shifting the historical gaze away from ethnicity or heightened moments of commemoration towards the everyday projection and reception of identity claims.

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A History of Everyday Life in Scotland, 1800-1900 by Graeme Morton, Trevor Griffiths

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