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In response to basic assets and interviews with present citizens and up to date trustees, this good researched background strains the expansion and development of Doughty’s health facility, an almshouse in Norwich, England, whereas analyzing some of the philanthropic tasks and social guidelines in Britain as an entire. From the hospital’s beginning on the bequest of the departed William Doughty in 1687 to its current situation, this list considers key features of the hospital’s improvement, together with its citizens, employees, monetary administration, and ideas and laws. With chapters at the 18th, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries, this account makes a precious contribution to the background of social welfare.

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68 As with all institutions housing a large number of people, there were sometimes disagreements. 69 The matter was brought to the Mayor’s Court in May 1700 and Thomas Thurloe and Edward Hilton were both dismissed from the hospital.

7 Six hundred pounds of the endowment was to be used to purchase land ‘in some convenient place’ in Norwich on a site that had never been owned by the Church. It was here that the hospital was to be constructed. 8 In the middle of this courtyard was to be a well and pump, besides a ‘house of office’ for use by the inmates. 9 At the entrance a dwelling for the master of the hospital was to be erected. The foundations were to be made from well-burnt brick or stone and the structure was to consist of a single storey with ‘no chambers above it’.

Medieval and early modern Norwich Norwich had emerged as an important textile town in the fourteenth century, and worsted weaving stood at the top of the city’s leading trades in 1525. 71 But this was by no means the only trade in the city. 74 Wealth and poverty grew side by side in early modern Norwich. Although trade in the city was increasing, Norwich – like other substantial towns – also experienced large-scale poverty in this period. In 1570 Norwich Corporation conducted a census of the poor in order to estimate the scale of the problem.

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