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By Ian Fletcher

ISBN-10: 1862271186

ISBN-13: 9781862271180

This is often the tale of the Waterloo crusade from the viewpoint of the British military. Uniquely, it starts off with the break-up of Wellington's military on the finish of the Peninsular struggle, maintains with the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo, after which examines the scuffling with that undefined, as Wellington's military driven directly to Paris

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It has been a bizarre career. I doubt if anyone else would want to follow it, or could, any more. BYRON ROGERS, 2001 Speak to the Animals The Tortoise and the Great War HE PASHA WAS in his seraglio; he was eating a lettuce. From time to time the Pasha interrupted his lunch to lurch irritably over to his three dozing concubines, all of whom continued to sleep. He is thought to be 100 years old this year though no one, least of all the Pasha himself, can be sure. In the past month he has been visited by BBC Radio Wales, reporters from the local and national press, Radio Orwell, UPI International Broadcasting and a photographer from a German colour magazine.

It was really tough when I used to roam in the winter, maybe two to three inches of snow. ’ He is fortunate in having good health. Apart from his pneumonia in the early 1950s he has been ill only once, when he went down with flu at Christmas time, 1969, having been soaked in a downpour on the way to Stormydown. The flu resulted in a spot on his lungs and he had to spend a month in hospital. He says of himself: ‘I’ve never been ill actually on the roads. Getting the air, day by day, and walking.

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