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E- , , ... , to the sa - ered went down store _ _ whe re I heard the mu - sic years be - fore But the , Em D G G Am c G n " tJ man said there the mu - sic play. _ _ _ _ _ wouJd-n't And ·· , c Em D » In the stree ts the - ch i! - dren -------screamed, the 10' - e" cried and the po - cIs dreamed. • But •• Em Em Am Am » (J , tJ not a word w"' spo - ken. the chu rch bells all were bra - ken. And the I • I C three G Am ad - mi re men most, the I , C D Fa - ther, So n and the Ho - ly Ghost, They • G D Em , I , G c D 43 fl • ~ ~ .

Chorus 3. Though you might hear laughin' spinnin' swingin ' madly across the sun It's not aimed at anyone, it's just escapin ' on the run And but for t he sky there are no fences facin' And if you hear vague traces of sk ippin' reels o f rhyme To your tambourine in time, it's just a ragged clown behind I wouldn't pay it any mind, it 's j ust a shadow you're See in ' that he's chasin', Chorus 4, Then take me d isappearin' through the smoke rings of my mind Down the foggy ruins of time, fa r past the frozen leaves The haunted.

_ -9 Dm7 ~ 4- ~ me in the jin - gle jan - gle c - VERSE ----- , I I I know that eve - nin's r r ern-pire ,I I G c F c F ® Copyright 1964 (UNP) by M. A . Copyright 1965 by M. Wit mark & Sons Under Universal copyright Convention. Warne r Bro thers Mu sic Limited. 17 Betnen"Street-london WI . 30 v F I. Though J you. I F - gain' to. I'm v c G fol . G v F 4- G F Fine .. ~ "6_ LastIime , "I" I ~ G Tambourine Man F c I' I'--f Mis - ter v" F fI I I Hey! G nfe, song for i . ·· 4- a ·· I' G has A (~ -~ 3 fe-turned in - to Va-nished frop' my sand, t hInd .

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