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By Shawn Kupfer

ISBN-10: 1426891105

ISBN-13: 9781426891106

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Not wanting another rifle slammed into various parts of his anatomy, Nick stopped and let the soldier check his dog tags. 舠All right. Four-seven Echo. Back right corner of the tent. Find yourself a seat, then sit and shut up. 舡 Nick had no idea what the two stripes on the man舗s sleeve meant, but he figured 舠sir舡 would be the correct attribution to keep himself from getting hit again. 舡 舠Ain舗t no sir, jackass. Corporal. You舗ll get it soon enough. 舡 Nick nodded and headed for the back right corner of the tent, where there was only one other person waiting.

Bravo was a safer unit. Echo舗s舰舡 舠Yeah. A suicide squad. 舡 舠Yeah? 舡 舠My court-appointed told me about it when I got sentenced. Offered to appeal. 舡 舠Hey, 舖least you got a lawyer who gave a shit. 舡 舠Suppose. 舡 Christopher nodded at a low, open tent with a short line outside. All of the men in line were dressed in the same gray jumpsuit as Nick himself舒two uniformed soldiers stood outside with M4 rifles at the ready. 舡 Nick asked Christopher under his breath, nodding at the two guards. 舠Happens. Guy gets scared enough, doesn舗t care that he舗s in a foreign country in a prison jumpsuit with no money and no transportation.

Though he舗d just spent several hours in a makeshift jail, Nick looked more awake and in much better spirits than any of his comrades. 舠Oh, good. They didn舗t kill you or anything,舡 Gabriel said wearily. 舠No, they just let me go. Talked to the bigwig in charge of all us convicts. 舡 Christopher nudged open the door to 47 Echo舗s room with his boot and dropped down on the closest bed. He wearily lit a cigarette and took a drag. He didn舗t seem to have the energy to move the pack from where it fell against his chest.

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