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75 seconds') b) What is the work done by the lifting force') c) Describe the variation of power as a function of time. Va m 2 kg Problem 132. 25 kg is suspended vertically by a spring of spring constant D = 250 N j m and unstretched length 1= 1 1l1. It is released at zero initial speed from the unstretched position of the sprin g. 5 m js first. Problem 133. A body of mass m = 1 kg is at rest on a horizontal, frictionles s ground . A thin rubber thread is attached to the side of the body at the point A.

5 g/ cm 3 floats o n the surface of the water. Through the tube air at a pressure of 100 atmosphere is compressed into the container. What is the hei gh t of that part of the plank whic h is submerged into the water. 0013 g / cm 3 . 4 Fluids Problem 158. 2 m and o f neg li g ibl e mass is swimming on the surface of a lake o f depth h = 1 m. The sphere is s lowly pushed under the water, down to the bottom of the lake . Determine the work d o ne by the external pu shin g force in the process. 5 m 2 .

Find the volume of the porous material if the pressure inside the syringe increases to 2. 2 atmospheres when the piston of the syringe is pushed till the mark of 10 cm 3 . 38 2. 2 Ideal gas processes Problem 168. 5 kg/min . The cross sectio n of the gas tubes is 10 cm 2 . Determine the speed of gas fl ow in the tubes, provided that the pressure is 10 5 P a and the temperature is 27 °C in the tubes. Problem 169. A cylinder with base area 42 cm 8cm 1 dm 2 lies on its side on a horizontal surface 2 .

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