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I think the most important things that got me where I am today are my respect for people around me, my parents, and Jesus Christ. I've got a wife and a nine-month-old baby boy that I thank God for every day. A great deal of my guidance came from my high school coach. Every coach in here had that time when they left mom and dad's influence. That was a big time in my life, because I turned to my high school coach, and he turned me toward God. All of you sitting out there can do the same thing. I thank God for the high school coaches.

If the offense can handle your tackle with one guy, your defense is going to be weak. The tackles have to make the belly play bounce flat to the line and outside. For this type of offense to be successful, there have to be tight ends who like to block. In the 4-3 defense the safeties have to stay on top of the number-two receiver, who is the tight end. The two-tight-end formation is a good formation to run against a 4-3 defense, if you have two good tight ends. The offense can make all kinds of adjustments with their personnel and cause the defense some problems with alignment.

If he is up on the feet of the defensive line, they get worried. We tell our linebackers that they can run through anytime they want as long as they can make the play. Most linebackers want to blitz every play. But if he runs through and doesn't make the play, he is going to get his butt chewed out. We can't stand him making bad decisions, but by being on the line of scrimmage, he confuses a lot of blocking schemes. These are the alignments we used. Our defensive end plays a wide 9 technique and has a 7-gap responsibility.

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