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We shined them up, had the team autograph them, and gave them to the members of the 48 Bob Club. They were ecstatic! That is the kind of thing you can do. You have to change the way you think. Change the way you think about the media, the press, selling, doing those things. It doesn't hurt football. The football is the same, but you get a little bit more money. I guarantee you, that second year at Portland State, it was over. There was no way. I. Joe Football Challenge, we started selling, we started to draw fans, and we got it going.

The first time, we scored; the next season, we didn't score. The third season, we were playing Cameron, and the game ended up closer than expected. The score was in our favor, 14-7. They kicked the ball to us on the series that we were going to let the crowd call the plays. The punt goes out on our 1-yard line. I'm standing next to Al, and I'm telling him that I hope our fans are good people, because I know they won't pick a pass. I look up, and it's 99 percent pass. My mother was in the stands, and she was the only one who wanted us to run the ball.

What the parade amounts to is a car with a grand marshal, everybody else has kazoo players, and they are playing "Louie-Louie" on the kazoos. So I was the grand marshal. Have you ever listened to "Louie-Louie" played on the kazoo for four hours? I did that. I was not proud of it, but I did it. Being single at the time, I was also auctioned off at the Bachelors' Auction. You see, I was into exposure. You get exposure, you sell season tickets. To give you an example of how one guy can make a complete fool of himself and still coach football, in one of our first season-ticket commercials, I was shot out of a cannon.

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